Who We Are?

Our Mission

TPL Meat Exports is proudly a subsidiary of Ternakan Karman SDN BHB

Ternakan Kamran is committed to being the country’s premier innovator in all aspects of the livestock industry, meat processing, modern practices including value added products, is continually striving to achieve superior operational results whilst adhering and exceeding the highest Government regulated industry standards, maintaining qualitative conduct at all levels of it’s operation. Kamran’s mission addresses to cater to the ‘specific’ requirements of their individual clients, competently delivers with proven integrity and dominates with a ‘second to none’ top quality and unparalleled product.

Kamran’s goal succession:

Over approximately the last 30 years Kamran has strengthened it’s position as a known and proven “trend setter” in the livestock and meat industry, both locally and internationally. With the innovative and modernized aspects of breeding and culturing, Kamran continues to cater to the growing demands and requirements of the industry. Over a number of years Kamran has driven towards succession, being recognized and selected by the Prime Minister’s Department to be the anchor company  under the Economic Transformation Projects [E.T.P.] for various farming projects throughout Malaysia. This appointment has proudly accentuated Kamran’s port folio and is by far one of the most notable achievements.

Thank you!

On this note Kamran wishes to thank all the parties that have played the instrumental role in the gleaming success of our company, thank you for your valued input, support and continued input and hard work. Due to your  unparalleled support, Kamran has now attained a strong, respected and positive influential position in the local and international livestock and meat industry. 

Global presence

Kamran is a known key player in the industry and it’s global presence prides itself with Subsidiaries such as i.e TPL in Australia, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand to name a few, Kamran’s rapid growth being  attributable to it’s stringent governance of the parent company liaison with its subsidiaries keeping track of the ever evolving industry demands with strong focus in maintaining market integrity.


TPL Meats is not a new entity, in fact it had been established in 1920 at local level, it’s expansion was made possible by the merging adoption of the now known parent company Ternakan Kamran who in 1988 responded to global market demands. Driving market trends in excess of 30 years, Kamran has taking stronghold as a major player who’s strength is known to recognized internationally.


Ternakan Kamran has manifested a global brand with over 30 years of livestock importation, marketing and feedlot farming, locally, regionally and internationally. Kamran produces a vast range of market leading products that adhere to the specific laws and requirements of the relative countries to which it’s products are supplied.


Our products are proven superior in quality, which not only adhere to the stringent requirements and compliancy laws of the various markets but is also exceeded by the supply of close to 100% organic feed, livestock is also vastly grazed in natural and relaxed inhabitants.

Livestock Nutrition

Correct nutrition plays a vital role and is a key factor in the development and well being of livestock, Kamran manages this via DK Ternak Fodder production and feed management. Quality at DK Ternak feeds is unprecedented. Feeds are mixed with all vital components to form a healthy balanced – high performance based diet with mixes and components regularly adjusted to compensate for the different climate and environmental changes as they occur. Malaysia is a tropical country thus having a stable and prominent ability to provide  regular and organic quantities of Rhodes, Briacharia and Alfalfa for livestock nutrition. Most ruminant feed is often provided with locally available raw material feeds such as  P.K.C. [Palm Kernel Cake] Palm oil, soy, pineapple, sugarcane, corn, tapioca etc.. with all feeds being approved by the J.P.V. also being subject to random inspection by the M.A.Q.I.S. Kamran stresses that the highest quality feeds is a must and plays a key factor to healthy livestock.

Health and well being

Livestock under the Kamran banner, be that within the parent company, its subsidiaries or feed lot farms are under strict guidance and subject to close monitoring to assure top nutritional feeds that are correctly seasonally adjusted and that mixes are fed to livestock at the correct consumption rates. It is also important to know that full access to veterinarians is made available who regularly visit to conduct random tests to further assure full health of livestock is being maintained.

End product

The end product speaks for itself. It is clearly known that Ternakan Kamran Sdn Bhd has an unparalleled reputation in the livestock industry, focusing on the positive, flexible and ever changing directions to maintain a top quality end product, employing innovative, proven and modern methods, adhering to  regulation laws to achieve this. Kamran maintains the diversity of clients need to their satisfaction complying to the regulative’s whilst also maintaining the authentic touch of Kamran’s known tradition and values. Kamran openly welcomes any new prospected client and will cater with full integrity of their proven product.

Ternakan Kamran Sub-Companies

GloballyKamran has local and International subsidiaries companies
Ternakan Kamran Export Pty Ltd (AUS) * TPLP Meat Export Pty Ltd (AUS) * Kamran Argo Farm Pte Ltd (INDIA) * Ternakan Kamran Corp Pte Ltd (SIN)


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