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Local organic Abattoir Facility

News Flash…   Our abattoir at Two Wells S.A. is still doing our famous private customer slaughter and cut-ups

– TPL Meat Exports

TPL Meat Exports

Formally known as Prime Valley Pastoral, TPL Meat exports Two Wells are now proudly a subsidiary of Ternakan Kamran.

Still operated by their long serving dedicated experienced local team. TPL have made changes, improving their operating procedures, resulting in a guaranteed top grade fresh meat solution, prioritizing the various and specific needs of of our valued clients. TPL Meats have been awarded a niche Government grant which can only be achieved by maintaining stringent regulation, integrity and practices in all aspects of their operation.

TPL's natural surroundings

TPL Meats, formally Prime Valley Pastoral, have been known to the locals and the local business community for an extent of 40 years.

TPL still offer all their authentic services that Prime Valley Pastoral used to, with an addition of TPL being endorsed and accredited to gear towards the export market. TPL have proudly set their own standard and footprint to always exceed standards and regulations be that in animal welfare, operation or customer requirement focus.